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About Liam Larnach

G'day, I'm Liam Larnach, a professional photographer based in the stunning landscapes of Niseko, Japan. Photography has been my lifelong passion, sparked in childhood by a relentless curiosity for capturing fleeting moments and everyday objects through the lens of my mother's camera.

My journey into photography was further ignited by the influence of my grandfather, an avid technophile who instilled in me a deep appreciation for the artistry of cameras and visual storytelling. Together, we explored the endless possibilities of imagery, laying the foundation for my enduring love affair with the craft.


Today, I've turned my childhood hobby into a fulfilling career, specializing in capturing cherished memories and profound emotions. Whether it's freezing the joy of a family holiday or encapsulating the timeless bond between soulmates, my camera stands poised to seize the heart of any moment, anywhere.

Although primarily based in Niseko, I'm fueled by a passion for exploration and eagerly embrace opportunities to traverse Japan's diverse landscapes. Whether you envision a captivating photo shoot amidst urban sprawl or amidst nature's serene embrace, I'm equipped to turn your vision into a stunning reality, drawing from my repertoire of breathtaking locations.


While my primary focus lies in capturing the spirit of people, I'm equally intrigued by the structural beauty of architecture. Over the past year, I've built a compelling portfolio showcasing the architectural marvels of Niseko, with over 15 properties photographed in 2023 alone. As I continue to expand my horizons in 2024, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to weave more captivating stories through my lens.

Let's embark on a journey together, where each click of the shutter preserves a moment destined to be cherished for a lifetime.

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