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About Liam Larnach

Hi i'm Liam Larnach, a professional photographer in Niseko, Japan. I've had a passion for photography since I was a small child, running around taking photos of as many randoms objects and moments as I could to fill up mums camera film. It was always a good laugh when she would print the film from our family holiday and there was a picture of sister picking her nose. My grandfather was always a lover of all things technological, from cameras to tv screens, everytime I would visit him he'd show off his new camera to me "Liam, check out the 300x zoom on my new camera" he'd say to me, I was always mind blown by it. I carry that passion with me today. 

Today, i've turned my love for photographing moments and objects into a career, from capturing your special family holiday memories to that undying love between two soul mates. My camera is ready to capture anything at a moments notice. I am based in Niseko, but I love any good reason to travel, so if you have an idea for a location shoot anywhere in Japan, lets make it a reality, I know a lot of truly breath-taking locations!

While capturing people is my main drive, i'm also a big architecture fan, i've developed a nice portfolio of some properties that i've photographed in the Niseko area over the past year, over 15 properties in 2023 alone, with many more to come in 2024.

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